Wholesale Jewelry Supplies For Etsy Sellers

Selling on Etsy is the mom’s number 1 way of making money online. they make it so convenient. All you need to do is create something cool, take som awesome photos of it, and share that item on pinterest with a link back to your etsy store. With enough repins, you’ll have a steady flow of business.


Adwords is another way you can drive traffic to your etsy store. If you know they keywords people will use to find your products you can link to your products from adwords and get customers for literal pennies.


The trick is keeping your costs down. Adwords and other promotional methods have large costs, and you need an affordable bead supplier so you can get your beads for creating your unique jewelry. The more unique the beads the bettter and antique creations sell extremely well when you can find them.


I found a Jewelry Supplier in Mooresville who has done a wonderful job of providing me with an endless supply of beads for promoting mey work. The have an online store which makes shopping easy. I can easily order my beads at night.