What is Solar Energy and Why is It Beneficial to Us

The growing demand for solar energy shows us why renewable energy is the next big thing. With solar panels selling like hotcakes in the market, more and more people begin to realize the beauty of harnessing the power of the sun. Let’s take a look at solar energy by understanding the concept, its process, and its benefits to the human race.

Understanding Solar Energy

Solar energy is power from the radiation of the sun. As a naturally occurring nuclear reactor, the sun can provide the energy needs of the planet. Unlike with non-renewable energy, the energy we get from sun does not decrease. According to studies, it will last us for billions of years or until the sun is alive.

How It Works

The energy is captured by solar panels placed on the roof of a building or structure. These panels are systematically positioned to effectively catch the sun’s radiation. The solar panels are composed of photovoltaic cells that convert the sun’s radiation into direct current (DC) electricity during the day. The inverter converts the direct current electricity into alternating current (AC) electricity. Once converted, the inverter sends the AC electricity to the electrical panel of your system to power the appliances and lights in your home.

A utility meter is installed for you to monitor your energy use. There are different types of systems used for converting, using, and storing solar energy in residential buildings today. The three types of residential power systems are grid tied, grid tied with battery for power backup and off-grid. Depending on your budget, you can store the accumulated energy in batteries to stay off-grid at night. If you have a smaller budget, a grid inter-tied system is a low-cost solution to your energy problem.

Advantages of Harnessing Solar Energy

Homeowners who invest in solar energy systems enjoy a reduced monthly electric bill. With the energy coming from the sun, you no longer have to deal with the large electric companies who are running the show. Say goodbye to the expensive monthly electric bill when you shift to a solar energy system. Making money by selling your stored energy is another advantage of harnessing the power of the sun. Homeowners who have excess energy can exercise the Feed-in Tariff policy in the United States by selling the extra power.

When harnessed properly, the sun can provide the demand for energy. With the continuous reduction in the cost of the parts of a solar technology system, more and more people can enjoy the benefits of the technology. Find out how you can save money, make money, and save the planet with solar energy. Contact a professional company like Solar Lighting International, Inc. today, and learn more about the power of renewable energy sources.