Top 10 Saddest Stand-up and Sketch Comedians

Top 10 Saddest Stand-up and Sketch Comedians

Welcome to Top10Archive! Though some may be outwardly funny, it may only serve to mask the darkness and sadness within them. In the comedic world, even the ostensibly brightest persona can be hiding an unhappy reality. In this somber Archive, we’ll be looking at the 10 saddest comedians ever to take the stage.

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10. Bill Hicks
9. Freddie Prinze
8. Jerry Lewis
7. Artie Lange
6. Chris Farley
5. Greg Giraldo
4. Rodney Dangerfield
3. Richard Pryor
2. John Belushi
1. Robin Williams

The Lost Prinze of Comedy
Jerry Lewis Comes Back from 13 Years of Pain and Drugs—and a Brush with Suicide – Vol. 10 No. 24
Jerry’s Encore – Vol. 58 No. 24

Real talk from comedians about depression and mental illness
After a Year of Silent Grief, John Belushi’s Widow Tells of the Troubled Man She Loved – Vol. 19 No. 7

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