Liberal Comedians FREAK OUT & LOSE IT re: Colin Kaepernick / NFL! (Trailer)

Liberal Comedians FREAK OUT & LOSE IT re: Colin Kaepernick / NFL! (Trailer)

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On this CHAOTIC episode of TheFallenState TV, sparks fly between host Jesse Lee Peterson and comedians Shang and Ty Barnett. Shang and Ty get into a heated debate with Jesse over Trump and whether or not the United States is a “racist” country. They also discuss police brutality, the “take a knee” protest over the National Anthem in the NFL, and what it means to be a man. Shang is a stand-up comedian who favors socio-political satire, and has appeared on CBS, BET, Comedy Central, and more. Ty Barnett is a writer, actor, and comedian who has appeared multiple times on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and was a finalist on Last Comic Standing.

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