Episode 1: The Redhead Scholarship – Redheads Anonymous Comedy Series

Episode 1: The Redhead Scholarship – Redheads Anonymous Comedy Series

5-Episode Comedy Web Series: http://www.redheadsanonymous.com
Being a redhead is all kinds of colorful.

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Are you proud of your hair? Does it connect you to your ancestry? Tell us about it!

Redheads Anonymous is a comedic web series about identity. Four misfits must find out: what does it mean to be a redhead?

Created by: Elisabeth Ness
Directed by: Daniel Seth
Written by: Elisabeth Ness, Juliet Brett, Kevin Sebastian, Justin Liebergen

Molly: Elisabeth Ness
Sam: Ethan Slater
Amy: Juliet Brett
Jessica: Kathleen Littlefield

Receptionist: Ann Harada
Redheaded Stranger: Perri Lauren
Drunk Jerk #1: Michael Grew
Drunk Jerk #2: Justin Liebergen
Hungry Stranger: Doug Plaut
Irish Bartender: Mike DePaolo
“Next Time” Voice: John Tartaglia

Executive Producers
Ed Nescot
Ruth Ness
Vint Cerf

Elisabeth Ness

Natalie Neckyfarow

Production Manager
Winston Hoy

Casting Director
Kimberly Graham, CSA

Associate Producers
Kevin Sebastian
Lesley Anne Mealor
Juliet Brett
Samantha Northart
Jane Condon
Joshua Keller Katz

Director of Photography
Ed Nescot

Assistant Director
Mengyin “M” Lin

Additional Assistant Director
Winston Hoy
Kevin Sebastian

1st Assistant Camera
Liza Gipsova

Marcus Goldbas

Ruben Flores

Media Manager
Jeanne Tanios

Script Supervisor
Alix Charles

Additional Camera Op.
Liza Gipsova

Sound Mixers
Jesse Kennedy
Spencer Plassman
Mark Solomon
Mano Guha
Michael Kozak
Joseph Wolensky

Production Designer
James (JD) Moran

Costume Designer
Chelsea Dowling

Key Hair Artist
Candice Crawford

Key Makeup Artist
Jesse Parks

Sperm Bank Set Decorator
Scott Salame

Art & Costume Assistant
Dani Hilzenrath

Costume Assistant
Sabrina LeMasurier

Elisabeth Ness

Ed Nescot

Assistant Editors
Rebecca Kopec
Jake Lemmen

Editing Consultant
Kevin Sebastian

Post-Production Manager
Brittany Tomkin

Color/VFX/Sound Editor
Dan Melius

Music Supervisor
Andres Soto

Post-Production Consultant
Winston Hoy

Business Consultant
Andrew Schmertz

Social Media & PR Team
Kevin Sebastian
Misha Calvert
Michelle Scofield
Miriam Morales
Taylor Coriell
Beth Benge
Lynn Jia

Website Design
Afif Aboudi

Logo Design
Plaid Goose

Casting Assistant
Alexis Atkinson

Creative Consultant
Ted Sluberski

Song: “Bung Knee Jigs”
Music & Lyrics: Highlander / Dive Bombing Shitehawks – Chris Armstrong
Album: North of the Wall
Label: Highlander Celtic Rock Band Australia
Copyright: 2010 Highlander Celtic Rock Band Australia
North of The Wall Album can be purchased at: http://www.highlandercelticrockbandaustralia.com.au/store/index.php?_a=product&product_id=2
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MueQEeLOy8o

Song: “An Irish Pub Song”
Performed By: The Rumjacks
Album: Gangs of New Holland
Copyright: The Rumjacks/Laughing Outlaw Records
iTunes (song): https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/an-irish-pub-song/id415523327?i=415523407
iTunes (album): https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/gangs-of-new-holland/id415523327
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tDTQQWSmo8s

Song: “Oh, Molly Girl”
Music: Dan Acquisto
Lyrics: Sammy Buck
Recording Engineered By: Paul Fujimoto
Sound Mixing: Dan Acquisto
Vocalist: Michael Lowney
Disclaimers: Kevin Sebastian
Fiddle: Brianne Mavis

Location Thanks
Andrew Byrne & Mark Blankenship
Emily Whyte
Primary Stages – Candice Palladino & Tessa LaNeve
Judy Henderson Casting
John Salomone
Hurley’s Saloon
Mark Herschberg
Murphy’s Pub & Restaurant
Jameson’s Bar & Restaurant
Quinn’s Bar & Grill

…And a ton of other amazing people who donate their time, support the show, and rock!

Check out the real Redhead Scholarship: http://scholarshipred.com/

Donate at https://www.fracturedatlas.org/site/fiscal/profile?id=10718

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