5 Tips on How to Clean Your Teeth With Braces

Braces are essential if you want to correct misaligned jaws, crooked teeth, and other orthodontic issues. Regardless of the duration, it is important that you learn how to properly clean and take care of your teeth with your braces on.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, you need to pay attention to how you clean your teeth especially now that you are wearing braces. You’ll find brushing quite challenging due to food bits stuck in unusual places inside your mouth. However, you must be diligent to prevent bad breath, discolored teeth, swollen gums, and other oral issues. Here are five tips that can help you keep your teeth sparkling and clean.

1. Clean Your Teeth Right After Eating – It is important to clean your teeth right away after a meal while you are wearing braces. Food bits can easily get stuck in between braces and teeth. Therefore, you must brush your teeth to remove the food particles inside your mouth. One of the common mistakes made by individuals with braces is to allow the food to stay in contact with their teeth. As a result, it encourages bad bacteria to infiltrate and cause problems to your oral health. If you can’t brush your teeth after eating, you can wash your teeth with water. Protect your teeth and gums from tooth cavity and other oral health problems by keeping your mouth clean as soon as possible.

2. Brush Teeth Individually – Brush each individual tooth at a slower pace to pay attention to their condition. According to research, you should give at least 10 to 15 seconds to each tooth to make sure they are properly cleaned. Additionally, pay close attention to areas where your tooth touches the braces. Areas like these are favorite spots for bacterial growth. 

3. Use Pointy Brushes – Interproximal brushes are great for cleaning and clearing hard-to-reach areas around your mouth. These type of brushes are perfect for individuals with braces because they can come in handy for reaching spots around your braces. Although you can use regular brushes, they aren’t as effective as the cone-shaped brushes when it comes to reaching areas with food particles.

4. Clean Between Teeth – Aside from cleaning your teeth individually, you should also clean between teeth to make sure there are no food particles left. Flossing is an important step towards keeping your teeth healthy and strong. Although flossing with braces can be challenging for most people, regular flossing will help maintain clean teeth and better oral health Don’t forget to use the right floss to get the best result.

5. Rinsing – Take time to rinse your mouth after you eat to get rid of food bits. Rinsing before you brush your teeth will also help loosen particles of food out of your mouth. If you have sensitive teeth, you can rinse with warm water to avoid discomfort and pain.