Asian People vs. Asian Food | Lineup | Cut

Asian People vs. Asian Food | Lineup | Cut

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A who’s who of awkward assumptions and judgments.

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Small questions have powerful effects when they go viral. Cut spreads stories for fun, for serious, and for real– bringing the internet together one awkward moment at a time.

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About this video:
Chris is a grad student studying Anthropology at the University of Washington. One day we were talking and he said: “You know there are studies that show white people can tell the difference between Asian food but not Asian people.” So, we made that into a video. We also had some of our Asian friends and family take the test.

Stefani & Kathleen
Jennifer & Jina
Dan & B
Dan & Robyn
Natalie & Grason
Ralph and Genie
Mike and Cortney

Gaffer/Camera Operator: Noah Martin
Camera Operator: Arthur Allen
Chef: Chris Patton
Grip: Scott Calvert
Behind the Scenes Photos/PA: Marina Taylor
Production Assistant: Jessica Law

All Falling Down (Instrumental) by Pebaluna

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Asian People vs. Asian Food | Lineup | Cut


181 Comedy and White Women Who Voted for Trump

181 Comedy and White Women Who Voted for Trump

Today, I have not one, but two brave, amazing women to bring to your ears today. First up is one of my favorite lady comics, Joyelle Nichole. Joyelle embodies the important qualities of a stand-up comedian: she’s smart, she speaks the truth, and she speaks from an authentic, real place. Joyelle is going to share her amazing journey to stand-up, why she uses comedy to advocate for women’s health rights, and how the storytelling greats have inspired her to push through adversity. In our discussion, we also talked about what it means to be a woman in today’s political climate, and Joyelle, in particular, weighed in on what it means to be a black woman, in particular. On the lighter side of things, Joyelle and I bonded over roller-skating and knee injuries! We have so much to learn about the world from Joyelle and comedians like her, so I feel fortunate to have her on the show. 

Next up, I will continue the conversation around our current political climate with one of you, my amazing listeners. Marnie has been listening since the show started, and she reached out to me regarding a comment I had made on the show about my feelings on our current president. Marnie actually voted for Trump, and she felt like she needed to express why she made that decision and learn more about my perspective on the election. Her email made me realize that I was in a bubble, and I didn’t know anyone personally who voted for him. Our conversation exemplifies the kinds of chats we need to have with our fellow sisters, regardless of who they voted for or what their political views might be. Even though we voted differently, Marnie and I have …

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