Instagram “Comedy” Videos!

Instagram “Comedy” Videos!

It seems like pretty much all of the comedy videos on Instagram have the exact same formula! Almost all of them are highly sexual and often feature things like women’s butts and even cheating in a relationship!

In this video I am going to tell you all about my (rather critical) opinion regarding these Instagram comedy videos! I will start by talking about the kinds of videos that always focus on guys and their “side chicks” and how they are cheating on their relationships and their girlfriend will discover this.

Another thing we will talk about in this rant video are the Instagram comedy videos where a girls butt is shown, and a big part of the video is just a guy jiggling his face while watching this girl. If you don’t get what I am talking about just yet, there’s a cutaway in the video where I reenact one of these videos as an example!

There are also of course the Instagram comedy videos in which people try to display something as relatable as possible. But this is often made too relatable, to the extend that it’s not even an interesting example anymore because it’s so relatable that it’s become mundane.

On the opposite side of the spectrum there are also videos that take something that is completely not relatable and try and make it seem like it is such a relatable example that everyone has experienced this and will be able to relate to.

Lastly I talk about the Instagram comedy videos that I do kind of like. The kinds where they take a very generic and relatable first world problem and make it overly dramatic and sometimes even cinematic.

All of these Instagram comedy video examples are of course cut away with little comedy skits in between to give accurate examples of the videos that I mention!

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