Life Of A Smoker | The Timeliners

Life Of A Smoker | The Timeliners

Which phase of smoking are you in? Share this video with your smoking buddies.

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Channel Head: Akansh Gaur
Director: Neel Jaadhav
Writers: Nikhil Vijay & Jasmeet Singh Bhatia
Creative Director: Apoorv Singh Karki
Chief Assistant Director: Irshad Ali
Cinematography: Rishab Malhotra
Editors: Neel Jadhav & Tushar Manocha
Assistant Directors: Georgy John Panicker & Aaron Gabriel Cherian
Art Director: Irshad Ali
Channel Strategy: Vyom Charaya
Line Producer: Puneet Waddan
Production Assistant: Irshad Ali
Graphics: Georgy John Panicker & Tushar Manocha
Color Grading: Aaron Gabriel Cherian
Music: Afroz Jahan
Social Media: Siddhant Grover, Bhavya Prabhakar, Vartika Manchanda & Shreya Mehta

Cast: Nikhil Vijay, Sahil Verma, Irshad Ali & Georgy John Panicker
Additional Cast: Aaron Gabriel Cherian, Rishab Malhotra, Pawan Mishra & Neel Jaadhav…