Comedian John Caparulo Attacked By Trump Supporter | TMZ

Comedian John Caparulo Attacked By Trump Supporter | TMZ

John Caparulo did something a lot of comedians are doing — busted on President Trump — but this time a woman in the front row quickly and violently retaliated on Trump’s behalf.


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fk Comedy Episode 3, DON’T URINATE. Emmanuella, Mark Angel 2018, Try Not To Laugh, Prank

fk Comedy Episode 3, DON’T URINATE. Emmanuella, Mark Angel 2018, Try Not To Laugh, Prank

You may not really understand the show if you haven’t watched any of our video before.
Watch this comedy and tell us our mistake or any suggestions in the Comment box,
and for those of you asking if the girl is Emmanuella of Mark Angel or Ada of sirballo clinic Comedy, please that’s not Emmanuella or Ada, her name is mercy and the other boy is faruk but junior in the video.
We give you video or before every Friday from where our last Episode stopped.
watch and share this funny video on your social media, and remember to subscribe to our channel here or

See you next Friday, Enjoy…..
♠ Comedian fk is a Nigeria comedian with unimaginable comedy style.

Comedian fk has created awareness in Nigeria comedy industry and days of a thousands laugh.

He graduated from lagos state university unilag 2013 and nobody ever act exactly as him on stage before..

Comedian fk has done so many things’ went to so many places and saw so many things…

Comedian fk is a photo and video creators” also an animation and cartoon

Here is the best of comedian fk from 2008 to 2015 combined with his skits, state performance and Manny more

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Lil Dicky Explains Why He Stays Away From Marijuana Edibles

Lil Dicky Explains Why He Stays Away From Marijuana Edibles

* Parental Advisory: Explicit Content *

Cheltenham Township, PA rapper, Lil Dicky, sits down with DJ Smallz and shares a horror high story involving a marijuana edible.

What do you think about Dicky’s horror high story? Can you relate? Sound off by posting a comment below.

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