Episode 20 | Tawa ng Tanghalan

Episode 20 | Tawa ng Tanghalan

Funny Ka Pare Ko is the only sitcom that showcases Filipino stand up comedians on TV through Tawa ng Tanghalan. Smile, laugh and giggle as you watch the full performances for free! Only here on Cinemo’s YouTube Channel.

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Comment Review – How late night comedians hurt America

Comment Review – How late night comedians hurt America

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Hope you guys enjoyed this inaugural edition to Comment Review. Obviously, this new territory necessitates mastery like any other. We had fun recording and going forward hope to improve our delivery. Retrospectively, we would have preferred if we were more concise in our responses and less interruptions (more lighting as well), but we’ll take this experience into following episodes. Thanks for watching.

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The MrBossFTW DISSTRACK? a RANT ended Sernandoe? VINE COMEDIANS?! | Recap 8

The MrBossFTW DISSTRACK? a RANT ended Sernandoe? VINE COMEDIANS?! | Recap 8

Broughy1322 made a Disstrack on MrBossFTW, RaggedyDan might have actually ended Sernandoe and Lele Pons is remarkably unfunny once again. Good week of news and a fantastic set of YouTube trending videos!

Als Red Dead Redemption came out, but everyone has seen that.

Broughy’s diss track:

RaggedyDans rant:

Lele Pons Message Impossible:


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