TOO MANY… Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

TOO MANY… Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

A parody of the great Jerry Seinfeld show on Crackle. Love that show. It’s the best. Here’s what it would look like with TOO MANY… Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee
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Kathleen McGee, Kyle Bottom, John Cullen, and Stuart Jones.

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Wes Barker is a magician and comedian doing funny tricks, and telling great stories. Watch here for hilarious magic, stunts, and pranks. I am funniest magician that is also a stand-up comic, or maybe I’m the comic who is best at magic. Either way you get the idea. I tour all over doing colleges, comedy clubs, and corporate events. Catch the adventures and tricks right here. With this magician / comedian based out of Vancouver, Canada. I make funny stuff. That’s my only rule. Everything has to be funny, from street magic to stage illusions, as long as there is a joke to be made. I do magic tricks, sketches, stand-up comedy, card tricks, mind reading, and tricks with naked people. I’ve been on America’s Got Talent, Penn & Teller: Fool Us, MTV Greatest Party Stories Ever, and Wizard Wars. You can find me picking up chicks with sleight of hand, doing tutorials, and/or the occasional bar bet.


Joe Rogan with Ron White on Drinking, Drugs And Gambling!

Joe Rogan with Ron White on Drinking, Drugs And Gambling!

Joe Rogan with Ron White Drinking Jack Daniels, Smoking Marijuana and talking Gambling and the effects that alcohol and marijuana have on you when you go to a casino.
Ron White is best known as a comedian of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour.

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A ran on Instagram/facebook comedians who are terrible and just use breasts to cover up their terrible “comedy”.
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