I love people that make me laugh! HAHAHAHAHA! [Best HD] [Quotes and Poems]]

I love people that make me laugh! HAHAHAHAHA! [Best HD] [Quotes and Poems]]

No meu canal, você vai amar as minhas lindas frases e poemas!
Tudo que escrevi e falei, é de minha própria autoria!
E agora, com a Playlist especial de frases! (Português)
Que são coleções especiais das melhores frases!
Sem contar com os vídeos engraçados do gato tom e som de peidos!
E ainda tem piadas engraçadas e outros quadros de comédia e humor!
Conteúdo original, e muita diversão para toda a família, qualidade garantida! =^_^=

Tudo ideia minha, escrito ou falado por mim! (Pericles A.)
E agradeço a Deus por ter me dado esse talento!

In my channel, you going to love my beautiful quotes and poems!
All that i write and talked in my videos is from my own authorship!
And now, with the Special playlist of quotes! (English)
That are specials collections of the best quotes
Also the Funny News! and the Types of farts, and also others kinds of comedy!
Original content, and much fun for the whole family, quality guaranteed! =^_^=

All idea mine, written or talked by me! (Pericles A.)
And i thanks to God for give me this talent!

Aqui você pode me seguir, e ficar sabendo das notícias do canal, curiosidades coisas extras!

Here you can follow me, stay tuned of the news of the channel, and also curiosity and extras!

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Frases e Poemas – Quotes and Poems
Escrito por – Written By: Pericles A. (Myself)
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Top 10 Most Hottest Female Stand Up Comedians

Top 10 Most Hottest Female Stand Up Comedians

10. Kate McKinnon: Kate McKinnon is as fun to listen to as she is to look at. She can impersonate celebrities from Ellen DeGeneres to Hillary Clinton and of course, Justin Bieber. Prior to SNL (which she joined in 2012), she was on The Big Gay Sketch Show and had performed with other sketch comedy groups since her University days.
9. Sarah Silverman: There is almost no way to write about women in comedy without at least mentioning Sarah Silverman. Some know her as Jimmy Kimmel’s ex, but there are plenty of people who think she was the talented one in the relationship. Her sense of humor is among the darkest out there, but she’s brilliant when it comes to making herself seem innocent and silly, while saying in some cases, horrific things. At age 44, she is still one of the sharpest in the business, and looks much younger than she is.
8. Chelsea Handler: There are plenty of words that are apt to describe Chelsea Handler’s brand of humor, but my favorite is: brutally honest. Comedy is about not pulling any punches and she is currently among the best in the business when it comes to the honesty department. Her routines are usually fairly edgy, but at the end of the day much of what she does is aimed at making the world a better place.
7. Amy Poehler and Tina Fey: They are mostly listed together because they routinely work together, comprising one of the funniest comedy duos the world has ever known. Just a couple of months ago, we all saw exactly how amazing Amy Poehler and Tina Fey are together when they dropped some painfully funny material about Bill Cosby at the Golden Globe Awards ceremony.
6. …

How To Be Funny – Easily Visualized

How To Be Funny – Easily Visualized

How To Be Funny – Humor is considered to be a universally attractive trait. Everyone loves someone with a great sense of humor. Contrary to popular belief, a sense of humor can be learned.

It’s all about the content of your jokes as well as the delivery.
Each of which are broken down in the video!

Inspired by content from Mark Manson’s Best Selling Book – Models
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