Timothy DeLaGhetto – Top Comedians, Wild N Out & Patron | Outside The Box: A Podcast w/ Okwerdz #001

Timothy DeLaGhetto – Top Comedians, Wild N Out & Patron | Outside The Box: A Podcast w/ Okwerdz #001

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Had a couple drinks & officially kicked off my Podcast w/ the Godfather of Youtube himself Timothy DeLaGhetto at his home in Southern California last October 2016 to discuss Wild ‘n Out, Battle Rap, his top 3 comedians, how he got my DJ laid & more.



Timothy Delaghetto is a Youtube pioneer, Rapper & cast member of MTV’s Wild ‘N Out.

Youtube vs Facebook video (3:31)
The road to Wild ‘N Out (7:25)
Almost becoming a Battle Rapper (12:13)
Battle Rap History (16:21)
Getting my DJ laid (18:42)
Upcoming Music & Shows (23:42)
Fan Questions (28:01)
TV & Movie work (34:21)
Top 3 Comedians (40:16)
I dont understand Snapchat (46:28)

Timothy Delaghetto & Okwerdz IHOP Freestyle Vault

The Cypher Effect – Okwerdz, Timothy Deleghetto, DIzaster, Gavlyn & Mistah FAB

Nocando vs Madness Rap Battle

Dizaster vs Iron Solomon Rap Battle

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